Five on Friday

Welcome to OCSA Blog’s first official Five on Friday! Each week, we’ll share five of our favorite links and finds from around the internet with you.

 Cancer Drug First Tested In Pet Dogs Begins Human Trials
“A new drug that prompts cancer cells to self-destruct while sparing healthy cells is now entering the first phase of clinical trials in humans.” Read more about this game-changing treatment on the University of Illinois’ “Latest News” section.

Peggy Sue Seehafer Donates the Funds From The Final Year Of The Kelly Project To OCSA
This was the last year for The Kelly Project and the woman behind it, Peggy Sue Seehafer, donated the funds to OCSA. We are so humbled and grateful for this action and wish her only the best on future endeavors. This photo below is the painting Peggy Sue created for the auction at our 2nd Annual Golf Outing.
OCSA Painting

Working Police and Service K-9s Join Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign To Share Silent Symptoms Of The Disease Through Clinic Contacts
Lisle Patch included a story regarding the newly opened Partners and Paws Veterinary Services clinic in Lisle, IL who is partnering with OCSA in the Veterinary Outreach Program. This will be the first Working Police Dog and Service K-9 clinic to join the educational outreach initiative. Read the full story on
vopThe Penn Vet Working Dog Center and the OCSA-funded Veterinary Student Intern!
The Penn Vet Working Dog Center officially posted the opportunity for the Veterinary Student Ovarian Cancer Detection Internship. We’re very excited to work with another young veterinary professional. Each person we introduce to our mission is another person educated about the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer.

 Cats Love Spock. We Loved Leonard Nimoy.
We lost a great talent this week when Leonard Nimoy passed away. We will miss him but his work will live on forever. This article showing Spock connecting with a cat put a smile on our faces.

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