OCSA Update

2015 has been an exciting year for OCSA so far. We held our first annual board meeting in February and we’ve made great strides in creating partnerships with influential members of the medical and veterinary communities. Take a look to see what’s happened so far and what we have coming up:

Breaking the Silence on a Silent Killer
Nadine Kenkel sounds very much like OCSA co-founder Susan “The Goose” Roman in this article. Susan bravely and heroically spread the word about the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer and we believe, saved some lives along the way. Sounds like Nadine did the same! A heartfelt thanks to both of these wonderful women who made an incredible difference and made a positive impact on so many women and their families with their message.

Penn Vet Working Dog Center Vet Student Cancer Detection Internship
We are very excited to announce that the Vet Student Cancer Detection Internship at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center is officially looking for applicants. The internship will run for 12 weeks during the summer of 2015 where interns will be responsible for data entry and analysis, project planning and assisting in the day to day aspects of performing the study. This scholarship is funded by OCSA in memory of Katelyn Klepitsch who lost her life at a young age to ovarian cancer in 2013.

Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Ovarian Cancer
A month long campaign was recently launched to raise awareness of ovarian cancer in the UK. It’s the fifth most common type of disease among women in the UK, affecting more than 7,000 people every year. Watch this video explaining the campaign and its mission.

Young Augusta Girl’s Courage Remembered
Gracie Hurst of August lost her battle to a rare and aggressive form of cancer this week  at the age of 8 years old. She was diagnosed in November 2014 and fought the last few months inspiring many people along the way. She gained attention through her “Fight Like A Girl” motto. Athletic teams honored her at competitions and she got to meet her favorite princess character from the movie “Frozen.” She lost her battle on March 5, 2015.

 Wright Animal Hospital’s New Website
Wright Animal Hospital in Des Plaines, IL launched their new website recently. Congrats to OCSA Board Member Kristin Junkas, DVM on the accomplishment. Visit the site to check it out.

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OCSA has several events coming up in the next few weeks. Make sure to check them out!
March 14th, 9am – 12pm: Open House, Joliet Junior College, Veterinary Medical Technology
March 21st, 1pm – 3pm: Partners & Paws Veterinary Services VOP Launch
April 8th, 10am – 1pm: Joliet Junior College Wellness Fair
April 10th, 6pm – 10pm: Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, LAOH Division Fundraiser Benefiting OCSA at the Irish American Heritage Center

See a full list of upcoming events on the OCSA website.

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