Five on Friday

Congratulations to OCSA Board Member Marcy O’Keeffe Twardak
Marcy O’Keeffe Twardak, President of the OCSA Board and 24-year breast cancer survivor, will receive the Mother Mary Frances Clarke Award for achievement from Immaculata High School, her alma mater. Her passion for life never stops! Brava, Marcy!
Marcy Twardak
OCSA at the Joliet Junior College Veterinary Technology Program Open House
OCSA had the good fortune to spend a day with the team at the Joliet Junior College Veterinary Technology Program Open House. We met so many enthusiastic people and shared our story with them. It was a great day!
JJC Veterinary Fair
Two-Year Old Ovarian Cancer Survivor Inspires Us All
Olivia-Grace Steele, you are a miracle! At only 10 days old, Olivia-Grace started showing symptoms of ovarian cancer but was not diagnosed until she was four months old. Her mother knew there was something wrong and pushed medical professionals to help her baby girl. After finally receiving a diagnosis, Olivia-Grace underwent surgery to remove a tumor and three weeks of chemotherapy. She was in remission by her first birthday. Read the full article below…

Congrats to Girl Scout Troop 4058  for Opening the Geneva, Illinois City Council Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance
They have supported OCSA at our dog walks from the very first one in 2010. We are very proud of these young ladies and we can’t wait to share what they are working on next.
Girl Scout Silver Award
Cat Rescues Cancer Patient
A woman’s cats started acting strangely, stroking her belly one day and sticking to her more than usual, causing her to consult her doctor when she found a lump and started losing weight. She felt that there must be a connection and was soon diagnosed with an uncommon cancer that often goes undiagnosed till it’s too late. She’s received an operation and is on a path to beat the disease. If it weren’t for her cats behavior reacting to the tumor, she may not have gone to see her doctor while still in the early stages. Our feline friends are giving our canine friends a run for their money! Read the full article below…

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