Five on Friday

OCSA Champion Dr. Tracey McNamara
We are so proud to have had Veterinary “CSI” Tracey McNamara, DVM, DACVP as an OCSA One Health Champion this week. The work she has done is absolutely incredible and we are honored to call her a colleague and friend. See her full bio in one of our recent blog posts.
Tracey McNamaraWelcome Partners and Paws to the OCSA VOP Team!
OCSA is beyond thrilled to welcome Partners and Paws Veterinary Services to the Veterinary Outreach Program. The brand new clinic recently opened in February 2015.
Photo Credit: Corey Margulis

What You Need To Know About Ovarian Cancer
This article about the symptoms of ovarian cancer is great. It shares everything anyone should know about ovarian cancer so please read and watch this video.

 Got Teal?
This emotional story of a best friend losing her life to ovarian cancer is truly inspiring. What this woman is doing in her best friend’s memory is beautiful. She began the Teal Butterfly Challenge to raise awareness around the symptoms of the disease.

Your Pup May Be Your Best Workout Buddy
Dr. Cindy Otto discusses the importance of physical activity for you and your furry friends. Read the full article on Penn Medicine’s blog. OCSA supports the concept of healthy owners, healthy pets. It’s the One Health Concept in action – “Walking the Walk!”

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