Five on Friday

Pierce Brosnan Speaks To Congress On Ovarian Cancer
Pierce Brosnan speaks eloquently about the loss of his first wife Cassie and his daughter Charlotte to ovarian cancer. Watch this video of Pierce advocating for the funding of cancer research.

 Schoolteacher Gets Duct Taped To Wall For Ovarian Cancer Awareness
A schoolteacher named Jennifer McCracken volunteered to be duct taped to a wall in a campaign to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. The goal is to educate grade school and high school kids on the symptoms of ovarian cancer so that one day, people are just as educated on this silent killer as they are on breast cancer. Brava to this very special schoolteacher!
duct taped teacher
Remembering Opal Mellows
It was about a month ago that OCSA received a donation from Mike and Lynda Mellows from Reno, Nevada. It was in loving memory of Mike’s mother, Opal Mellows who had passed away from ovarian cancer on February 19, 2015. A conversation began and we learned much about Opal, her husband Ivar and the entire Mellows family. What a wonderful life she lived! She was a flight attendant for Las Vegas based Bonanza Airlines and later Trans Ocean Airlines. With flying as a common interest, she met the love her life, Ivar “John” Mellows who was a pilot for Pan American World Airways for 35 years. He started flying for Pan Am in 1951 and retired in 1986. He began flying DC4s and finished his career as a Captain on the B747. 1986 was also the year that Pan Am sold their Pacific routes to United Airlines. Many members of “Team OCSA” have a history with Pan Am, United Airlines or both. Small, beautiful world.

 Opal was kind, happy, positive, a gracious host and fantastic listener. She took incredible pride in her family and they were always her number one priority. She held her positive approach to life into her final days; always the one looking at the best side of everything. she and her family had heard about OCSA. They believe in our collaboration with Penn Vet Working Dog Center. They feel that the work being done is on the cusp of early stage Ovarian Cancer detection.

 We are humbled.
18125_962253870460945_8371395936919475301_nCats Vs Cancer Partnership
We are thrilled to announce OCSA’s partnership with Cats Vs Cancer for the month of April! For the entire month, every cat video you watch on the Cats Vs Cancer website and every direct donation via the “donate meow” page will raise money for OCSA and our mission.

 OCSA on the Skinny & Houli Show
OCSA was on the Skinny & Houli Show this past weekend with Barbara Rowan Skwarski from the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians to preview the “Girls Night In” event on April 10th. The LAOH will be hosting the event and raising funds for OCSA as well as premiering a new one-woman show by Lynn O’Dowd. Listen to the full podcast on their website!

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