Special 5th Anniversary One Health Champions

OCSA team members participated in its first One Health Conversation in November of 2012 at the 130th Annual Illinois State Veterinary Medicine Association (ISVMA) Convention hosted by then ISVMA Executive Director, Peter Weber, MS, CAE.

In the panel discussion, entitled “Saving lives and not just Animal Lives” moderated by Robert Karr, Jr., Doctors Julian C. Schink, Kurt Klepitsch, and Susan Arnold discussed the fact that when animals get sick, veterinarians take care of them. But when the “pet parent’ gets sick, do they take care of themselves? Do they listen to their body or ignore its innate intuitive nature? So often, we take care of our animals and neglect taking care of ourselves.

When the famous American Cowboy, actor and one of the world’s best known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s, Will Rogers Jr., was asked about the role of a veterinarian he quite simply said: “The best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what is the matter — he’s got to just know.” And that is oftentimes the role of the gynecological oncologist who is searching for an answer to the questions from his patients as he explores the causes for the silent, but deadly, symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Our One Health Champions, though from different fields, have joined together to enhance the mission of OCSA. Collectively, they spread the word about the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer and the critical importance of early detection.

It was Julian “Skip” Schink, M.D. who defined our mission and directed us to share the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer with women, their families and the medical community.

It was Kurt Klepitsch, DVM who was instrumental in the development and launch of the Veterinary Outreach Program.
To learn more about Dr. Schink and Dr. Klepitsch, please visit: http://www.ovariancancersymptomawareness.org/…/board-of-di…/

It was Susan Arnold, DVM who introduced OCSA to the Student American Veterinary Medical Association, “SAVMA”.
To learn more about Dr. Arnold, please visit: http://www.ovariancancersymptomawareness.org/…/advisory-bo…/

Susan “The Goose” Roman and Katelyn Klepitsch, we miss you both and are forever grateful for inspiring all of us to continue to “Fight Ovarian Cancer with Animal Passion.”
To learn more about Susan and Katelyn, please visit:



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