A Conversation With The Family Behind Oche For The Ovaries

On September 26th, the 2nd Annual Oche for the Ovaries Dart Tournament and Benefit will be held at Ski’s All American Pub in Sycamore, IL. The first event last year organized by the Acord Family raised nearly $2,000. This year, the event will be held in honor of K Lynn Acord who passed away on Mother’s Day from ovarian cancer. K Lynn was a huge supporter of this event and the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization. Today, her family reminisces on her life and what they are doing to keep her spirit alive.
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OCSA:  Georg, can you tell us about your Aunt K Lynn Acord?

Georg: My Aunt was the lynch pin of my Mother’s side of the family.  She always seemed able to make the best of any situation and was such a kind and warm influence on all of us.  She genuinely cared about us all, and humanity for that matter, and tried her best to calm us when times got tough.  I’ve never heard a bad word about her, and I believe that has to do with how she lived.  She sacrificed all for everyone around her.  She was the last thing on her own mind.  We all knew she was quite sick, but she knew she was literally dying the last time we spoke- and she kept it from us.  She worried about how we would react and how stressful it would be for us.  She was an amazing artist, and I think she left this world a little prettier with her drawings, paintings, and jewelry.  She left this world a better place for having worked for the U.S. Navy, for talking to other cancer patients in a way that brightened their day, for making us all take notice of who we are and how we should live.  She was a voice of reason when things didn’t make sense.
Svec Blog Post 2OCSA: On September 26th, you will be hosting the second annual Oches for Ovaries Tournament at Ski’s American Pub in Sycamore, Illinois.  Can you tell us more about “Oches” and the significance it has for your family?

Georg: “Oche” is a term used to describe the line a darts player stands behind to throw his round of darts.  I have been playing darts now for 14 years and the darts community in Illinois is amazingly warm.  They support all kinds of causes and are always ready to embrace newer players.  I’m just glad we have a darts bar like Ski’s that fosters and nurtures such a tremendous community of caring people.

Val:  Oche is the lines a dart thrower stands behind before throwing his/her darts.  Georg is very competitive and a very good dart player.  When his aunt was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer he felt helpless as most family members do.  Georg wanted to help his aunt in some way, but her concern was with others.  She wanted other women to understand the importance of the silent symptoms and education.  Georg decided he wanted to raise money for education in honor of his aunt.  The dart community is very tight and love helping whenever they can so Georg decided to combine his passion of darts with Aunt K’s passion of educating other women.
Svec Blog Post 4OCSA: Do you have to know how to play darts to attend “Oches”?

Georg: Not at all.  Even if you do not play darts, there will be raffles and food available for non-participants in the tournament.  It is a great time and the Ovarian Cancer support community and the darting community seem to love getting together and learning more about each other.

Val: You do not have to know how to play darts to attend “Oches”.  If you would like to participate in the dart tournament the dart players are very accommodating to new players, and we will have plenty of food and great raffle prizes for those who would like to help a great cause, but not particularly interested in darts.

OCSA: Elizabeth Svec is a very special lady, can you tell us more about her?

Georg: She’s my mom, and she’s one of the strongest people I know.  I don’t know how she does what she does.  She got us involved in raising awareness and has been the one working really hard behind the scenes.  She loved K so much; this benefit means the world to her.  I can’t thank her enough for not only giving me life, but for always knowing exactly what to do.

Val: Elizabeth Svec is my mother-in-law and is a very special lady.  Liz has the biggest heart and cares for her family more than anything else.  When Aunt K was diagnosed it tore Liz apart emotionally.  She also wanted to help in any way possible, but was the best medicine for K without even knowing it. She listened without judgment.
Svec Blog Post 3OCSA:  Val, What can OCSA do to celebrate K Lynn’s life and her passion to get the word out on the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Val: OCSA can celebrate K’s life and passion by continuing to do what they have been doing.  K was an animal lover and finding the ability for dogs to help those with cancer would be right up K’s alley.  K loved life and loved those in her life.  She wanted young women to understand the silent symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and to trust their instincts.  Know your body and stick to your guns around medical providers was the message K repeated to me many times.

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