OCSA Champions: Meet Team OCSA

November is a time of Thanksgiving and it is only appropriate that we pay tribute to all of you who have so graciously given of your time, your talent and your good will. As one OCSA board member so eloquently stated “it takes an army.”

Since our inception, Team OCSA has dedicated itself to “Fight Ovarian Cancer with Animal Passion.” There are many individuals from different walks of life who have come together to “get the word out” on the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer. And there is a belief that we might have even saved a life or two.

OCSA team

Here are some members that we would especially like to thank:

Darlene Arden, Susan Arnold, Carolyn Ascher, Cindy Charlier, Brigid Gallagher, Brian Hall, Denise Harvill, Abbey Jennings, Kris Junkas, Bob Karr, Kurt Klepitsch, Bob Loess, Roger & Marilyn Mahr, Marissa Oberlander, Bryan Pieper, Rick Roman, Christine Rosko, John Schoff, Marcy Twardak, Regina Taylor, Peter Weber, Robin Weber, Kelly Wisecarver and Sam Wolf.

See our full Advisory Board, Board of Directors, Leadership and Planning Committee.

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