OCSA Supports February Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month in Australia!

Teal Soldiers is an awareness group based in Brisbane, Australia whose mission is to “get awareness” for this silent killer out into their community.  Through their various campaigns they hope to target a wider community.

carolyn wagner

Meet Carolyn Wagner. After braving this disease at the early age of 11, Carolyn beat the 30% survival rate handed down by doctors. 18 years later, Carolyn is now finally ready to share her story and raise awareness.

OCSA: Carolyn, welcome to OCSA!! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I am a 31 year old OC survivor. I was diagnosed at the very young age of 11 with scares at the age of 17 and a cervical carcinoma at age 29.  Each time has been life changing and made me realize how much I need to start getting awareness out there. I am also an avid writer and enjoy horse riding and reading.

OCSA: Can you tell us about the Ovarian Cancer Awareness campaign in Australia?

There are a number of different organizations in Australia with Feel Teal and Ovarian Cancer Australia being two of the major ones. Teal Soldiers is my own company I have founded with the aim of getting the awareness out there as much as we can without asking for money from people unless it’s a particularly special campaign such as the film which costs quite a bit to make.

OCSA: Can you tell us about the Teal Soldiers Film?

Teal Soldiers short film came about after my previous few films had picked up a few awards. I decided that the next film I needed to do had to be a causes piece and what better cause than the one that touched my life so much.

OCSA: How can your friends around the world participate in your Twibbon Campaign?

The twibbon campaign is another simple and free way that people can show their support and raise awareness. It is great to see it start popping up all over the place. It received over 100 supporters in the first couple of days.

They can simply follow this link and add it to their Facebook or twitter profile picture: http://twibbon.com/support/teal-soldiers-oca?fb_ref=Default

OCSA: What, personally, do you hope to accomplish with your ovarian cancer awareness mission and how can OCSA help you?

I hope that even one woman can see what I am doing and learn about signs they had no idea about and detect this silent killer earlier than they normally would have and save their life. That’s the dream goal. I eagerly await to hear survival stories that was a result of my awareness campaign. How can you help? Keep on “keeping on” and raise awareness. Share campaigns and do what you always do. Thank you.

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