Meet Our Dear Friend, Mae Novak

One of OCSA’s biggest supporters and a dear friend to many on the team, Mae Novak, is kindly sharing her story with us today. She was an integral part in running the golf outing in July and will be attending the 5K Dog Walk & Fun Run with us on September 11th. The event supports OCSA’s Veterinary Outreach Program, a unique awareness campaign that partners with veterinarians.

Mae Novak

1. How did you become involved with OCSA?
Vallie asked if I would volunteer for the OCSA 2013 Golf Outing. I was assigned registration and this year was my fourth year.  The golf outing is such a fun event due to many factors. The golfers have supported OCSA each year and you couldn’t ask for a better group – also they are a lot of fun and I enjoy the lively conversations with them.

2. Tell us a little bit about your husband and the life you had together.
I lost Ed in 2008 within two week after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  He was not a smoker although his family were heavy smokers.  He was in the Navy and spent time aboard a submarine, which was close quarters all of this could have contributed to his lung cancer.

We were in business and worked together everyday.  We had great respect for what each of us brought to our marriage.

I have so many fond memories, not sure where to start.  I could write a book about our footprints on this earth.

My Ed was a down to earth person.  If there was anyone in need he was there to help him or her.  We enjoyed going to plays, concerts, movies and dining out especially trying new restaurants.  Our real passion was dancing.  We belonged to numerous organizations that had several dinner\dances during the year and we also belonged to a couple dance groups.

Family was so important to Ed and he adored Gail.  He was on cloud nine when Gail & Kurt gave us Ethan and Sidney.  Ethan and Sidney, have been such a joy in my life, they are my shinning stars forever.

Katelyn, Kurt’s niece, 20 years old lost her battle with ovarian cancer August 2013.

Joan my dear friend and neighbor lost her battle with ovarian cancer April 2015.

Janine another close friend had no chance we lost her two weeks after being diagnosed end of December 2015.

I want to climb the highest mountain and sing out loud and clear to all Women. Do not delay going to the doctor if you have any of the symptoms as you have more to gain than loose. If detected in the early stage you have a better chance to beat this Silent Killer.  Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease my passion is to raise awareness so women and men will recognize the symptoms.  I have a word for you men please go to your doctor for an annual checkup.

Your health is our concern, why you ask, we love you.

3. What do you enjoy most about being part of the OCSA community?
I enjoy working with the OCSA members as are they are one great group of people.  I love each and everyone of you for the support you give to each other.  We work hard but we have fun doing it, reason we are all on the same mission, that is to educate, educate and educate if only to save one life at a time.  May the Lord bless us on our mission.

4. Are there any events you look forward to in particular? The golf outing was an incredible success with all of your support.
I volunteer each year for OCSA Dog Walk and any other events that Vallie ask for my help.

I also volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Winfield.

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful life and then with the most loving family I could ever ask for.

It’s my tine to give back in whatever possible way I can.

Join OCSA for the Annual 5K Dog Walk & Fun Run on Sunday, September 11th at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve in St. Charles, IL. Find more information about the event and register online today by following this link:

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