Meet Our Friends, Jon & Lois Maroni

One of our co-founders had the opportunity to meet and experience the gracious hospitality of Jon & Lois Moroni at the Restful Nest in June of 2017.  It was just a delight and oh, the breakfast repasts!!


OCSA: Can you tell us about the Restful Nest and why you decided to open a B&B 20 years ago outside Mariposa, California?

Jon & Lois: It was my wife’s dream to do it years before we decided to do it. We visited 7 states but returned to California.  Mariposa is the gateway to Yosemite National Park and we loved it as a visitor and decided to open a B & B close to it.  We enjoy people, the area and it was affordable!!

OCSA: How many visitors have you hosted from around the world and who was your most memorable visitor?

Jon & Lois: We have hosted many visitors of all religious backgrounds from Asia, Canada, Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and all of South and Central America and Mexico and grace has been delivered at breakfast in many different languages.  Most recently a lovely trio from Chicago visited us and they will remain anonymous! Our most memorable visitor was one of the supreme court justices from Kenya.

*EDITOR NOTE: Lois and Jon are also known as “Nana & Papa” to many people around the world, you would understand why if you come and visit the Restful Nest.

7.29 Blog Post

OCSA: Can you tell us about the wonderful breakfasts that you serve every morning for your guests?

Jon & Lois: I never had a cooking lesson but we enjoy cooking, we enjoy inventing different recipes and we usually serve two courses in the morning.  We try to make changes every day and serve our guests different culinary requirements. Lois does have one rule though:  Mangia, Mangia and don’t come into my kitchen. You are my guests and it’s YOUR vacation!

7.26 Breakfast

OCSA: Can you tell us a little bit about your friend Judy Foster who just passed away from ovarian cancer in June of 2017?

Jon & Lois: She opened her B&B “INN the Country” shortly after we did and joined the B&B Association.  She was one of the sweetest people we knew and very easy to talk to. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer several years ago but kept on working through her treatments setting up the Telephone Support Center for Yosemite Mariposa County B&B Association. Her guests enjoyed her B&B and she will be missed by many.

To learn more about Restful Nest Bed & Breakfast Resort, please visit:

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