Meet Candice Lind, Founder of Paws of Cape Town

Meet Candice Lind, the founder of Paws of Cape Town, South Africa who champions the “artistic” feline, presented by OCSA’s South African blogger, Shaleen Jacobs.


Some of us who have had to endure watching a loved one fight Cancer or even those champions who had to or are still fighting the big fight, know exactly how crucial and vital it is to be surrounded by our loved ones throughout these tough times. With the recognition of World Ovarian Cancer Day on May 8 and then Mother’s Day on May 13, 2018, we have decided to focus on the human animal bond, and also look at some unique art created by the felines. Those who have experienced this bond, know exactly how important it is especially during the healing process.

We have also dedicated this month to “rescues” and “rescuers”. With autumn almost behind us here in South Africa, and winter approaching, most stray animals (and those who have lost human mommies or daddies) are left to fend for themselves as the problem is everywhere. I have managed to interview this creative and amazing lady Candice Lind, founder of Paws of Cape Town, who has brought some relief to some of these animals when she established a creative, “Paint for Cats” social media platform to help adopt these rescues from different shelters in and around Cape Town while also giving them an “artistic” voice. In the interview we find out where and how it all started. Being a pet mommy of two adoptees, she also gives us a peek into her two fur babies Frankie and Lilly’s world.

“Bet you won’t be able to chase a mouse and at the same time create such a masterpiece.” Hector, the artistic cat.

Squashed Ninja Turtle by Hector

Shaleen: Candice, as the founder of Paws of Cape Town, what motivated you to do that? And were you always passionate about animals?

Candice: Ever since I can remember, I had an absolute love for animals. Roughly three years ago, I was in a helpless relationship and I wanted to help others that were completely, utterly helpless and lost too. So I began volunteering at an animal shelter, taking their dogs for walks and spending time in their cat garden. The most amazing thing happened: together we were not that lost anymore. And so Paws of Cape Town was born. I wanted to create a unique, creative platform to showcase cats and dogs available for adoption throughout Cape Town and surroundings. What started off with helping one shelter slowly grew into two, then three, and I now showcase five different shelters on my site. So what is Paws of Cape Town? It is a platform of quirky quotes by beautiful rescue animals, with the intention of promoting them finding a Forever home.

Shaleen: How do you all work together to make Paws of Cape Town such a success?

Candice: Well the current Paws of Cape team consists of myself, Frankie and Lilly. Frankie and Lilly aren’t great at typing, they prefer to have a more Paws -off approach. They spend most days sleeping on the laptop or surfing cat videos on YouTube. Frankie is an eight year old ginger boy who was found in a feral cat trap in Noordhoek and Lilly is a two year old calico girl who was confiscated from her parents.

Lilly and Frankie

Shaleen: I can only imagine that rescuing animals is a great experience, but we are also aware that not all animals find a home.  At the end of the day, how do you handle this?

Candice: My favourite quote from British Dog Trainer and writer Karen Davidson has to be “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” I believe that each life deserves a chance, and one needs to focus on all the lives to be saved, rather than the ones that get lost on the way.

Shaleen: We Love the idea on how you incorporate art with the rescues. Where did the cat art idea come from?

Candice: There are so many cats sitting in shelters looking for homes, most of them are past the kitten stage, so are not in demand for adoption. In my opinion, the older ones are the best. I wanted to create something new to get these cats noticed. Coming from a design background, I love the idea of animals being able to express themselves through creativity. Paint for Cats is an amazing creative app one can download. With my iPad and camera in hand, I set off to the Animal Anti Cruelty League, Cape Town to see how talented their felines were. Once the cats had “painted” on the iPad, their artworks were then edited into large prints. These prints were then sold to raise funds for AACL (Animal Anti Cruelty League in Cape Town). All the cats have been adopted since.

Shaleen: What do you do when you’re not rescuing animals? And what are the future plans for Paws of Cape Town?

Candice: During the week, I work in advertising as an Art Director. Whenever possible, I love snuggling up with Frankie, Lilly and their human dad to watch a movie. By spreading awareness through creative campaigns and social media, Paws of Cape Town has managed to get dozens of rescue animals adopted. In the process I have also deepened my appreciation for challenges for both the rescues, and people involved in supporting animals in desperate circumstances. There are endless opportunities to make a difference, and Paws of Cape Town will continue to find creative ways to find rescues a Furever Home.


  • Candice Lind & Lilly
  • Squashed Ninja Turtle by Hector
  • Lilly and Frankie
  • Muddy Treasure by Mommy
  • Lost in Catnip by Hope
  • Escaped Mouse by Viola


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