The Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA) works to expand public awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer in an effort to contribute to the early detection of this deadly disease, and by doing so, save lives. We educate women and their families on the silent symptoms that are often ignored and can all to quickly turn into advanced stages of cancer that are very difficult to treat.

Fighting Ovarian Cancer with Animal Passion
Our core mission is delivered in a variety of ways to many audiences, but none are more important than the partnership we have with animals. We believe in, and champion, the human animal bond experience by:

  • Presenting information about the symptoms of ovarian cancer to groups of veterinary students and those working with the veterinary professions
  • Creating and distributing materials that inform readers of the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer and the positive effects of the human/animal bond
  • Organizing dog friendly events that enable us to get the word out about this deadly disease while enhancing the human/animal healing experience.

Why Blog?
We wanted to enhance our website with a personal touch and thought you might enjoy regular updates and behind the scenes action from our events, meetings etc.  It is our way of creating a more personal relationship with you that we hope will increase engagement and reach more people with our message.

More Information
Get involved
Learn about the Human Animal Bond
Learn about the One Health Approach
Learn about the Veterinary Outreach Program
Visit OCSA’s Website

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